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Remote control motor with electronic limits.

Super simple programming.

Usually only required for blinds larger than 6 metres wide x 2.5 metres high.

Due to slow speed, not recommended for very long drops.

35 mm diameter
Power Specifications – 240V / 50Hz
Electronic Limits
Built in Remote Receiver
Wireless limit set up
Suitable for Projection Screens and Roller Blinds

Usually used for specialists projects, requiring moderate movement but strong load.

It’s reliable and delivers smooth quiet operation.


  • Rated Torque (Nm) 10
  • Output Speed (rpm) 14
  • Nominal Consumption (W) 116
  • Nominal Voltage (V) 240
  • Nominal Current (A) 0.49
  • Running Time (Min) 4
  • Protection Index (Ip) 44
  • Total Length (mm) 560
  • Maximum Turns infinite
  • Frequency MHz 1.35
  • Lifting Capacity 24kg on 45mm tube
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